Gotta Get Back In Time

The crew of the enterprise gaze upon the Time BanditsFunny thing about Time Bandits. I saw it in theaters, and several times since then. Not enough to quote it, but I’ve seen it a bunch. And I can barely remember a damn thing from it.

This is odd for me. Usually after a couple of viewings of something that I enjoy as much as Time Bandits and that sucker is locked in. But while searching for images from the movie, I was shocked by how little I’d retained. “Shelly Duvall’s in this? Oh yeah, there’s the giant with the boat on his head. Isn’t that the old lady from Who’s the Boss?” Luckily, it’s on Netflix. So I’ll stream that soon.

So this joke just started as a way to show off the revamped website. I was just going to draw the boys holding their map with Anthology Press emblazoned across it’s blue surface. But I started thinking that wasn’t enough. Maybe I should put them in the TARDIS. Maybe they’re all falling out of Doc Brown’s DeLorean. Then I found a random shot of the time portal from City on the Edge of Forever. A-HA! So I hammered it out and here it is.

A friend once asked me if this hurts. “Does what hurt?” I asked. “Being THAT nerdy,” he said. After a moment’s consideration, I pointed to my heart. “Just here, man,” I replied, “Just here.


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