Darth Vader Selfie

Darth Vader Takes a Selfie

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Author’s Note: Not to sound petty, Star Wars Instagram, but I thought of this joke about 3 months ago.

Three types of people I generally discourage from following me on social media:

1. Children. Not that my stuff is particularly blue. My sense of humor generally runs PG-13. But with minors, you get parents and that’s a can of worms I prefer not to open.

2. The Very Religious. Don’t get me wrong. Believe whatever you’re going to believe. It makes no difference to me. But I’ve learned from experience the very pious don’t find me particularly funny.

3. Selfie Whores. And by this, I mean, people whose galleries consist ENTIRELY of selfies. What the hell is that? You honestly don’t see anything in your daily life more interesting than your own face? Why would anyone other than your close friends care what you’re wearing? Why would I care what your bathroom looks like?

So that’s where this drawing came from. The notion that Darth Vader would post a selfie on Instagram is funny. His caption would be even funnier, especially if read with James Earl Jones’s voice: “OMG, totally just light sabred off my kid’s hand. Oops! LOLZ!”


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