Breaking Bard

Heisenberg as Hamlet

Click image for large version

One of the things I’ve learned doing these Mad Magazine-esque drawings over the past year is that the right photo reference can really make or break (punny?) the caricature. There have been times when I just can’t seem to draw the actor’s facial features and without nailing the likeness, the joke falls apart. When I get really frustrated, looking for a new photo can really help.

In this particular case, I came up with the title before the drawing. I had to find a photo that fit the idea of Walt holding a skull, but I wasn’t sure on anything else, including the composition. I found a few that would have worked, but kept searching and finally came across a profile shot in shadow with a slight ridge of light peering over the top of his head. Perfect for my toned gray paper where I can add te white to make the whole thing pop.

After drawing and inking, I added the smoke in the back ground to give the whole thing a more “Breaking Bad” feel. I love drawing Bryan Cranston and I think this is one of the best pieces I’ve done in a while.


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