Plan 9 from Office Space

Plan 9 from Office Space

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This is one of the best drawings I’ve done in a while, so I figured I’d put it up. Here are a couple of observations from last night’s drawing session:

1. John C. McGinley is ridiculously easy to draw. I started a quickie sketch of him and it came out so good, I considered using it. But instead I decided to go with a slightly bigger format so I could get more detail.

2. Tor Johnson is deceptively difficult to draw.

3. Wanted to draw the Bobs from Office Space, which is one of my favorite movies. But I couldn’t figure out the joke to make. So I went to IMDB and typed in “Space” for a title search. I scrolled down a little, saw Plan 9 and the joke kind of made itself. But where to go from there? John C. McGinley and Paul Willson (fat Bob) in the satin jump suits? John C. McGinley and Tor Johnson, with Tor holding a limp woman? John & Paul with Vampira behind them? Many choices, so I streamed Plan 9 on my Xbox and decided to let the movie guide me. It didn’t work at all cuz I just started watching it and not drawing. In the end, I just went with Paul Willson’s demeanor and Tor’s grimace. A little smoke in the background and it was done.

4. Thinking about a series of these. Vampira showing off her flair? Bella Lugosi in a pink shirt, drinking from an Initech mug saying, “Peter…Vat’s happening?”


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