Star Wars Episode VII Revealed!

Old Ass Han Solo

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Ewoks vs. Predator

Ewoks vs. Predator

10 Ewoks can take down a Predator

Forget what you know about reality. We’re talking movie physics here. This is a realm where every bomb has a clearly read timer and a bunch of natives wearing loin cloths in a jungle can make a light sensing trap with spikes.

We’re talking Ewoks versus Predator here. And it isn’t a fair fight.

Consider a single 7 foot Predator that could take out 5 heavily armed and extremely well trained commandos was eventually defeated by mud, logs and rocks. These primitive assets are the wheel house of the Ewoks. Consider that it was these assets that took down an entire legion of Stormtroopers complete with AT-ST walkers and speeder bikes.

The Predator can disappear in the trees you argue? Ewoks live in the trees. He won’t be able to hide from them there. Everything within 10 clicks of their village is loaded with booby traps. Why? Because these little teddy bears are vicious.

They were actually going to cook and potentially EAT Han Solo.

This match up isn’t remotely fair. My money’s on the teddy bears. I say 10 of them take down a Predator and cook the poor S.O.B. while singing the Yub Nub song.

Downton Abbey… Normal.

Marty Feldman steals Maggie Smith's head.

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When you’re doing caricatures of famous people, you’ll find some are difficult to draw. You’re always looking for some distinguishing feature to make the likeness pop. This is especially true when you’re trying to write a joke that hinges on the likeness. If no one knows who it is you’re drawing, the joke fails.

Then sometimes you want to draw someone who should be easy to draw because they possess many of those distinguishing features, but for some reason, you just can’t get it right. It’s inexplicable.

This was NOT the case with late Marty Feldman. I seriously could probably draw the guy blindfolded. This was my first attempt and, BOOM! Done! I might draw him for everything now.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Reveiw

Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulson

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I liked it.

Storytelling was a little clunky, but they had a lot to set up. I think future episodes will be smoother. Didn’t love all the casting choices. I’m to believe someone who looks like Chloe Bennet is the world’s greatest hacker and lives in a van? But whatever, it’s television. And really, it’s a show about super heroes, and I’m nit picking pretty people? Suspend thy disbelief, man! Continue reading