Shades and Shadows Reading Series and LA Lit Crawl

Zombies and More at the North Hollywood Lit Crawl

Shades and Shadows Reading Series at the North Hollywood Lit Crawl! “It’s literature, but with monsters!”

Hey everybody! Steve and I will be appearing at BlastOff Comics on Wednesday, October 22 where I’ll be reading an excerpt from The Other Side of the Fence. It’s part of the Shades and Shadows Reading Series for the LA Lit Crawl! I’ve read for Shades and Shadows before and it was such a great experience. This time I’ll be joined by 4 other authors all reading excerpts work in horror or science fiction or dark fantasy. And we’ll be reading at Blastoff Comics, a beautiful comic store in the arts district in North Hollywood. Check out the LA Lit Crawl website for a full list of the events that night. Shades and Shadows starts at 7pm.

It should be a great night for all you horror fans gearing up for Goth Christmas!

Don’t feel like driving? Go Metro!

Hey! We’re the Indie Book of the Day!

Indie Book of the Day

Indie Book of the Day

I’m pleased to announce that The Other Side of the Fence is the Indie Book of the Day! 

I contacted them a few months ago to inquire about being featured on their site and heard back from them today!

This is our first award and I couldn’t be happier about being recognized by this great site.

Our new book “The Other Side of the Fence” is now available!

The Other Side of the Fence by Zack Morrissette & Stephen Nixon

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Our new book is available at!

Jack was a slacker. He never amounted to much or was good at anything. Life was passing him by.

Then the dead rose and the world ended. Jack found himself cursed with the distinction of being a survivor. He was alone, starving and running for his life. Nothing could be worse than this.

Then he met Richie.

Suddenly his only confidant, perhaps the only other living human being on the planet not trying to eat him is the single biggest jerk he had ever known. On top of everything else he was perpetually annoyed.

Richie made the zombie apocalypse worse. Now, Jack’s only desire is to be  alone. After all, the grass is always greener…