Shades and Shadows Reading Series and LA Lit Crawl

Zombies and More at the North Hollywood Lit Crawl

Shades and Shadows Reading Series at the North Hollywood Lit Crawl! “It’s literature, but with monsters!”

Hey everybody! Steve and I will be appearing at BlastOff Comics on Wednesday, October 22 where I’ll be reading an excerpt from The Other Side of the Fence. It’s part of the Shades and Shadows Reading Series for the LA Lit Crawl! I’ve read for Shades and Shadows before and it was such a great experience. This time I’ll be joined by 4 other authors all reading excerpts work in horror or science fiction or dark fantasy. And we’ll be reading at Blastoff Comics, a beautiful comic store in the arts district in North Hollywood. Check out the LA Lit Crawl website for a full list of the events that night. Shades and Shadows starts at 7pm.

It should be a great night for all you horror fans gearing up for Goth Christmas!

Don’t feel like driving? Go Metro!


Zombies, man.


Go to Geek Smash to read my interview by Tish Trotter!

We talk about zombies, beer, art and beer! While, you’re there, enter to win an autographed copy of our book The Other Side of the Fence, signed by Zack Morrissette and including a one-of-a-kind hand drawn zombie!

Free book! Free art! You can’t beat that with a rotting army of the undead! Plus you get to know more than you probably wanted to know about Zack. Feast your brains on it now!

How do you like them apples, Jokah?!

Ben Affleck as Batman

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Yes, Daredevil sucked. We can all agree on that. But how much of that leather clad train wreck was Affleck’s fault? The success of most of the current incarnation of comic book movies rely more on the directors than the actors portraying our favorite heroes. The reason for the success of the Dark Knight both critically and financially was Nolan. The reason for the success of the Avengers was Whedon.

The “director” of Daredevil has since gone on to helm such notable pieces of shit such as When in Rome and Ghost Rider a movie so painfully bad, it made me wistful for the cohesion and originality of Daredevil.  Continue reading

Breaking Bard

Heisenberg as Hamlet

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One of the things I’ve learned doing these Mad Magazine-esque drawings over the past year is that the right photo reference can really make or break (punny?) the caricature. There have been times when I just can’t seem to draw the actor’s facial features and without nailing the likeness, the joke falls apart. When I get really frustrated, looking for a new photo can really help. Continue reading

“Do You Like Huey Lewis and the News?”

Batman takes an axe to Joker a la American Psycho

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I love the fact that the last guy to play Commissioner Gordan was also Sid Vicious. And also Beethoven.

I love the fact that the Joker and “Robin” were once high school classmates in the same movie.

Most of all, I love the fact that the latest incarnation of Bruce Wayne was portrayed by the guy from American Psycho. Think about the trouble Batman could’ve avoided if he just took an axe to the Joker in that interrogation room. Continue reading