“Goldie” – From the Case Files of Harryhausen, Private Eye (Part 2)

Goldie Cover Art

From the Case Files of Harryhausen: Private Eye

PART 2  |  Part 1

I splashed through gritty puddles that littered the alleyways even though it hadn’t rained in weeks. Baby Bear wasn’t hard to shadow. Knocked over trashcans, broken glass and other detritus made a descriptive trail. I followed him a couple blocks east and found myself in the middle of a shantytown.

Sid Row. Last refuge of the desperate. The décor was early American rat’s nest. It smelled of vomit and barbecued shoe leather. Times were tough. The residents weren’t just junkies and boozehounds. They were honest folk on the nut, and these makeshift tents and corrugated metal huts stretched out for blocks. If I didn’t find Baby soon, I’d lose him.

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Downton Abbey… Normal.

Marty Feldman steals Maggie Smith's head.

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When you’re doing caricatures of famous people, you’ll find some are difficult to draw. You’re always looking for some distinguishing feature to make the likeness pop. This is especially true when you’re trying to write a joke that hinges on the likeness. If no one knows who it is you’re drawing, the joke fails.

Then sometimes you want to draw someone who should be easy to draw because they possess many of those distinguishing features, but for some reason, you just can’t get it right. It’s inexplicable.

This was NOT the case with late Marty Feldman. I seriously could probably draw the guy blindfolded. This was my first attempt and, BOOM! Done! I might draw him for everything now.

Plan 9 from Office Space

Plan 9 from Office Space

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This is one of the best drawings I’ve done in a while, so I figured I’d put it up. Here are a couple of observations from last night’s drawing session:

1. John C. McGinley is ridiculously easy to draw. I started a quickie sketch of him and it came out so good, I considered using it. But instead I decided to go with a slightly bigger format so I could get more detail. Continue reading

Breaking Bard

Heisenberg as Hamlet

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One of the things I’ve learned doing these Mad Magazine-esque drawings over the past year is that the right photo reference can really make or break (punny?) the caricature. There have been times when I just can’t seem to draw the actor’s facial features and without nailing the likeness, the joke falls apart. When I get really frustrated, looking for a new photo can really help. Continue reading

“Do You Like Huey Lewis and the News?”

Batman takes an axe to Joker a la American Psycho

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I love the fact that the last guy to play Commissioner Gordan was also Sid Vicious. And also Beethoven.

I love the fact that the Joker and “Robin” were once high school classmates in the same movie.

Most of all, I love the fact that the latest incarnation of Bruce Wayne was portrayed by the guy from American Psycho. Think about the trouble Batman could’ve avoided if he just took an axe to the Joker in that interrogation room. Continue reading