Instagram Gallery

An example of just a few of my comics on Instagram

ZACKSPLOITATION! Comics started as a way to promote Anthology Press. I needed to try and drum up an audience while we were finishing the book. I started an Instagram account and began posting whatever drawings I liked at the time, always creating new work. Then I noticed that I’d found a niche. Pop culture references, mash ups and all manner of Star Wars jokes became my calling and these single panel comic strips took on a life of their own.

In 7th grade, my friends and I started playing name the movie. You’d just throw out a movie quote and someone would name it. It was a time when the price dropped on VCRs so drastically that my middle class, non-tech savvy family could own one. It was the first time the masses could affordably own movies to watch whenever they wanted. So like a good nerd, I collected them and watched them until the tapes wore out.

We were weirdos back then, but there were millions of us. Year later, shows like Family Guy brought the pop-culture reference to a razor sharp point. The pop-culture reference could stand as a joke all by itself if you got it. Finally, my encyclopedia like knowledge of Ghostbusters, The Terminator and The Temple of Doom were of use.

I post one comic a day on my Instagram feed. Only the best of those make it to because I’d like this to be more than a gallery. I also add a little extra here. A write up or some explanation as to how these particular comics came to be.

Follow me @zackmorrissette on Instagram or on Twitter and I’ll try to make you laugh every day.

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